Baja Divide GPS Map

Baja Divide GPS Map

Explore the Baja Divide with Confidence Using Our Garmin GPS Compatible Map.

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with the Baja Divide GPS Map for Garmin devices by BiciMapas. Designed for avid bikepackers and adventure cyclists, this meticulously crafted map ensures you can navigate the challenging Baja Divide route with precision and ease.


Key Features:

  • Based on Trusted GPX Route: We started with the Baja Divide GPX route published on, ensuring you follow the exact path recommended by the bikepacking community.
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Our map provides seamless turn-by-turn directions, guiding you through every twist and turn of the route. Unnamed roads and trails are marked as “Baja Divide Route,” ensuring clarity without altering named streets.

turn by turn navigation

  • Comprehensive Coverage: All route segments and roads are included, so you never miss a turn or detour.
  • Integrated Waypoints: We’ve added all the reference waypoints along the route as integrated, searchable Points of Interest (POIs). Each waypoint is labeled with the “BD” prefix, followed by the original waypoint name and the available services. They are also classified with the equivalent Garmin POI type for easy access.

points of interest

  • Entire Baja Peninsula Coverage.
  • Over 38 thousand points of interest in addition to the Baja Divide specific ones, including restaurants, hotels and motels, convenience stores, natural features such as beaches, springs, streams, and more.
  • Over 10 thousand locations, from large cities to small towns and villages
  • Topo map: 20 meter interval contour lines.


  • Water bodies, rivers, and seasonal intermittent rivers.
  • National Parks, Urban Areas, and Lakes.
  • Compatible with Garmin Basecamp program through an installer for PC and from which the map is loaded into the GPS device.
  • Wide Compatibility: This map is compatible with all Garmin Handheld devices and the Edge 30 series and earlier models. Please note that it is currently not compatible with the Garmin Edge 40 series, but we are actively working on compatibility updates.


Why Choose Our Baja Divide Garmin GPS Map?

  • Accurate and Reliable: Navigate confidently with a map designed to be as accurate as possible, keeping you on track through the diverse and challenging terrains of the Baja Divide.
  • Easy to Use: With turn-by-turn directions and integrated waypoints, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips, making your journey smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Adventure Ready: Whether you’re tackling deserts, mountains, or coastal trails, our map ensures you’re prepared for every segment of the Baja Divide.

Get yours now for only $ 34.99 USD per device.

Baja Divide GPS Map is available as an Installer compatible with Garmin´s Basecamp on Windows from which it is sent to the GPS.

Only available for Windows operating system. This installer is not compatible with the Mac platform.

Garmin’s Basecamp shall be already installed in your computer. It may be downloaded for free from Garmin’s website at

Activation code

In order to view and use the map on both Basecamp and GPS, an activation code is required. To issue your activation code you shall provide us with the GPS ID number in which the map will be used. The GPS ID is a 10-digit number that is a unique digital identifier for your GPS. There are two ways to get it:

With Basecamp

  1. Connect the GPS to PC and turn it on.
  2. Start Basecamp
  3. On the left side you will see the GPS model and its ID number

Directly from the GPS

Etrex models and GPSMAP series

  1. Turn on the GPS
  2. Go to the Settings menu (wrench icon)
  3. Select About
  4. The device ID appears at the top

Edge 30 Series and earlier models

  1. Turn on the GPS
  2. Select Menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select System
  5. Select About
  6. Select Copyright Info
  7. The GPS Unit ID number will show

Send us your GPS ID to generate the map activation code.

About the License

The indicated price grants a single license to be used on a single GPS device. An unlock code tied to the GPS ID will be issued allowing it to be viewed specifically on that device. This license is not transferable to another GPS device under any circumstances, including damage, theft, or loss of the registered GPS device.

Returns policy

Once the map unlock key is issued, returns are not accepted. Likewise, returns will not be accepted for errors or omissions in the cartographic and navigation information on land. In any case, the pertinent corrections will be made and sent to the user.


If an invoice under Mexican regulations is required, it must be requested at the time of placing the order, providing the corresponding fiscal data. We will not be able to generate an invoice if it is not requested simultaneously with the order.

By purchasing, installating and/or use of this map is considered as an acceptance of the exposed terms.

Memory requirements and compatibility

The size of the entire map is 66.6Mb. It is compatible with Garmin GPS devices capable of using maps, have Basecamp connectivity and have sufficient memory capacity to accept the map files, either in internal memory or through a card.

It has been tested in these series:

  • Etrex Series
  • GPSMAP series
  • Edge 30 series and earlier models.

Should you need to verify whether Baja Divide GPS Map is compatible with your device, please contact us.

Installation and Unlocking

Follow our Installation and Unlocking Instructions for the Baja Divide GPS Map.