Baja Divide GPS Map Installation

Installing and Unlocking the Baja Divide GPS Map in Basecamp


Installing the map

  1. Download the map installer using the link you received upon purchase. It is a file named BCMP_BajaDivide.rar containing the installer named BCMP_BajaDivide.exe.
  2. Have the activation code that you received from BiciMapas Customer Service handy.
  3. Make sure Basecamp is closed
  4. Double click on the installer file BCMP_BajaDivide.exe
  5. Follow the installer instructions
  6. Once the Installer finishes, close it.



Start Basecamp. It will detect that there is a map that requires activation. In the window that shows, select “Unlock Map”.

locked map

Select the tab labeled “Unlock Regions” and press “Add”

unlock regions

Enter the unlock code you received from BiciMapas and optionally a description of the map. In the image we use “EDGE 530” as that is the device we will send it to. Press “OK”

edge 530



The map is now unlocked. Close the window.

Open the “Maps” menu and select “Baja Divide”.

select baja divide map

The map is displayed on the screen.

baja divide map


Send the map to the GPS

Connect the GPS to your computer. Open Basecamp. The model and ID of the device will be seen on the top left side. Select the “Maps” menu and “Install Maps”.

install maps

The “Mapinstall” application will start. Press “Continue”.

map install

Note: Some versions of Basecamp do not have MapInstall included. If the “Install Maps” option is not available in the “Maps” menu, you must install it by downloading it free of charge from the Garmin site at this link:

Select the device where it will be installed. It may be to the main unit memory or to a memory card if available.

If you have more than one map installed in Basecamp, click on “Customize” to select only the map you want to install.

In the window that pops up, select “Baja Divide”.



Select all the map sections to make sure you upload the full map to the GPS. It can be complete or just some section. At the bottom, a graph is shown with the available memory and the memory needed to download the map.

Press “Continue” and a confirmation window appears. Press “Install”

ready to install

The installation process begins and it may take several minutes to complete.

installing the map

At the end of the process, you will see a confirmation both in Mapinstall and in the GPS.

install completed

The map will be automatically displayed on the device. If you have any other maps active, they will overlap. You can turn the visible maps on the device on/off via the map settings menu.