About Us

Our Vision

BiciMapas was born in 2006 with the idea of sharing mountain bike routes in México. A lot has changed since then and we keep on looking for ways to help you enjoy mountain biking.

We remain Faithful to the slogan in our logo Explore, Discover, Share (Explora, Descubre, Comparte) but now using the current GPS Bike computers technology, from the simple normal ride data, passing through a reliable navigation guide to a virtual trainer to help you improve.


Our Origin


Started riding mountain Bikes. To find routes we used paper topo maps and compass


I got my first GPS, a Magellan 2000 with very basic functions compared with what is available today. Using coordinates, we plotted our location on our paper topo maps.


Started training coursed on maps, compass and GPS use.


The first GPS devices with track creation show in the market, we get one.


The BiciMapas web page is published with images of mountain bike routes and reference points  plotted over digital topo maps.

GPS technology starts to bloom

Tracks and waypoints are published in Oziexplorer format, the only program that would read data from the 3 major GPS brands at the time


We started developing GPS.


Our first auto routing GPS map for México was published.


The mainstream GPS brands adopt the GPX file format that allows and facilitates sharing data between brands


The GPX file format usage expands as well as new technologies to share the files.

All our routes are converted to GPX file format and launched our map server. We stopped using the digital topo maps.


Started using GPS Bike computers instead of our trustful and reliable handheld units.

The fitness watches  rule the market


Full re-design to align with current trends.