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This site was created in November 11th, 2002 with the main purpose of publishing mountain bike routes in Mexico based on topographic maps by using GPS technology. The target audience was the Mexican mountain biker.  Nevertheless, with the global capabilities of the internet a lot of foreign English speaking  visitors have been visiting this site. That is the reason why  we decided to create special sections and explanations in English for our visitors from other non Spanish speaking countries.

The use of topographic maps, compasses and GPS as proven navigational tools for the outdoor enthusiast is relatively new to the Mexican environment. Although several groups in activities such as trekking, hiking and climbing have been using them for some years, there was no real understanding of the potential these tools have to make the outdoors more enjoyable and safe. This is  specially true in the mountain biking scene.

So, in order to benefit from this potential, we decided to create a web site to publish mountain biking trails based on topographic maps, developed using the latest models of handheld GPS receivers to assure a certain degree of accuracy. The core of the site is what we call a “BiciMapa” which translated would be “BikeMap” in which we provide all the information needed to describe and navigate the trails.

As we also wanted to show the navigational tools mentioned above and what they can do to enjoy the outdoors,  we created sections that explain what topographic maps, compasses and GPS are. And the BiciMapas Outdoor Navigation school offers training on interpretation and use of topographic maps, compasses, GPS and land navigation techniques. Other sections complement the information with topics such as proper bike position, correct fitting of the helmet, the anatomy of a mountain bike, how to plan for a long expedition, the tools and items you must carry for a safe and enjoyable journey,  among others.  

We have created special sections for English speaking visitors that, although they do not comprise all the ones in Spanish,  will provide you with the necessary information to take advantage of the site.


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